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BOPEU leader calls for members input

11 March, 2015

The deputy president of Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU), Mr Sikalame Seitiso has called for members’ input with regard to the implementation of the union’s new constitution.

Speaking at BOPEU’s national executive committee meeting with public employees in Kanye on March 10, Mr Seitiso said it was in the interest of best practices to set up the necessary structures that  would be aligned to the constitution to ensure proportional representation.

Mr Seitiso’s comments came after adoption of the new constitution at a special congress in Palapye late last year. He said the intention was to implement the constitution, which had changes that needed members’ input, emphasising that it challenged members to have a role in their respective places.

He said the document would be used until lawfully changed by the congress, adding that the national executive committee was given a mandate to implement the constitution.

The trade unionist said there was need to define the work place to ensure proportional representation, adding that selection of a shop steward needed a mathematical approach to ensure proportional representation hence the need to come up with a definition to encompass all the considerations.

Mr Seitiso was of the view that if they come-up with the best structure they were going to have good representation.

He said in parastatals demarcations such as units or workplace branches were easier as there were not many while in the public service classifications posed a challenge as there were many departments. In other issues, he said BOPEU should have a code of conduct for members in leadership positions.

He added that BOPEU elections would be conducted by a chief election officer assisted by four election officers who would be appointed by the national executive committee. He urged BOPEU members to assist with the modalities on the operations of the officers.

He said all members’ initiatives and ideas would be presented to the bargaining council.