BOPEU hosts debut cultural night dinner

13 May, 2015

Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) hosted the first ever-charitable cultural night dinner to raise funds and assist one of their members with a kidney transplant.Donned in light colors, paintings and sculptures from Thapong, Tlotlo conference centre was turned into a cultural pot, fully complete with traditional live bands ready to dazzle the night.Multitudes turned up for the night. Fashion lovers also took the opportunity to serenade the evening with breath taking designs that also sampled a bit of their cultural origins.The beautiful traditional dresses and suits made in diverse colours and patterns added more warmth and character to the rather more organised and diverse

In his remarks, Acting minister of Youth Sports and Culture Vincent Seretse said the cultural night could be used to rekindle the dying embers of the Setswana culture especially in an era where culture is under scrutiny.Minister Seretse was also impressed by the fact that BOPEU cultural night dinner did not only celebrate culture but was also for a charitable course.

“I am delighted that this event is tied to a course aimed at raising funds for one union member to overcome their medical condition,” he said, adding that it is most commendable for BOPEU to appreciate that its mandate extends beyond workplace issues.“The event is no doubt reflective of wisdom for BOPEUby expanding its magical winds of change to being of economic and social aid to members of the society.”Seretse added that as a country that pursues the dream of becoming a compassionate, just and caring nation by 2016, events of the BOPEU cultural dinner night caliber and magnitude are worth undertaking in living the vision.

Giving the keynote address as the main sponsor BancABC country Liability and Group Scheme Manager, Itumeleng Moremong said the bank relationship with BOPEU dates as far back as 2011 with the bank providing their members with financial assistance.“BancABC has now moved to help improve the welfare of BOPEU members,” she said, adding that the gesture and relationship they have is hard to come by in the highly competitive business environment.Moremong pointed out that BOPEU is well aware of what they want to achieve and they are humbly committed to improving the welfare of their members hence they took the initiative to not only celebrate culture but raise funds for one of their own.

“BancABC will continue to offer products aimed at improving the employees welfare, and continue to have a long lasting relationship with BOPEU.”

The money raised from the event will help 38-year-old Obusitswe Garetshoge afford to pay for a kidney transplant operation which might cost her over P600 000 if the procedure is done in South Africa.

At the end of the formal proceedings and mouth-watering dinner Shumba Ratshega, Mafitlhakgosi traditional dance, Benson Puthego and sweet melodic pieces by POPEU and Maikano Serenadors choir, treated patrons to amazing live performances. Lucky attendants won various prices from the president hotel, AT &T Monnakgotla and Majestic five raffles.

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